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My name is Lorie Dominguez. I am happily married with 6 kids. I've lived my whole life here in the Mesquite area. I now live on our little ranch here in Scenic, Arizona with my family and all of our animals. It was here in Scenic that I found my new craft that I really enjoy, that is making crafts with recycled items. This hobby is referred to as "Trash to Treasure", these items are down the right hand column of my blog. I love what I do, and I hope you will also enjoy it! My Items make great gifts! So buy it and try it. You can see pretty much all that I make down the right hand side of my blog. If anyone is interested in placing an order with me, I take checks, cashier check, and money orders. You can place your order in a comment, or email me at Loriejuan@hotmail.com. Thank-you

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My "Trash to Treasure" Bathroom

I have always wanted to transform a room in my house to something that has to do with recycling. I was sick of the Nemo decor in one of my bathroom, so I found my project. Having an abundance of wine corks donated from lots of people who know I use them I decided that would be my material of choice.
I am almost finished as you can see. Check back in maybe a week and I should have it all done:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soda Tab Hair Barrettes

 I really enjoy making hair barrettes. This is one of the many kind that I make.
I make others out of Duck Tape, and Soda Cans.

 I just opened up an Etsy store, so I will be featuring items that I make quite often to give everyone an idea about all of the fun stuff that I make.
I am figuring out how to add a link to my Etsy Shop. I am just NOT very computer literate:)