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My name is Lorie Dominguez. I am happily married with 6 kids. I've lived my whole life here in the Mesquite area. I now live on our little ranch here in Scenic, Arizona with my family and all of our animals. It was here in Scenic that I found my new craft that I really enjoy, that is making crafts with recycled items. This hobby is referred to as "Trash to Treasure", these items are down the right hand column of my blog. I love what I do, and I hope you will also enjoy it! My Items make great gifts! So buy it and try it. You can see pretty much all that I make down the right hand side of my blog. If anyone is interested in placing an order with me, I take checks, cashier check, and money orders. You can place your order in a comment, or email me at Loriejuan@hotmail.com. Thank-you

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love recycled things:)

 People that I see on the street in our small town know me as the "Trash to Treasure" lady. They give me bags and boxes off things they don't want to throw away. They know I will find a purpose for it:) A friend of mine named Julie brought me an assorted box of treasures. In the box was a popped bladder ball punching bag.

Well, this is what I turned it into, a cute little purse:) I love my job!!

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